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Thread: Free GPS software

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    Free GPS software

    From Tyco but should display data from anybodys GPS reciver.

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    Re: Free GPS software

    GPS Cockpit works best with Tyco Electronics' positioning products and can also be used with any other GPS modules providing NMEA information. Even without a serial connection (RS232 or USB), GPS Cockpit can work on captured data as if directly connected to a GPS receiver.
    That's pretty freakin cool! Thanks jdolecki

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    Re: Free GPS software

    Whoa, has anyone figured out how to hack it yet? A developer API for that device would be killer. We would think about selling them here.

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    Re: Free GPS software

    I used it to help me understand the GPS data string.

    Also tyco makes several GPS Devlopment boards. Just look on there web site.

    Seing the GPS data string really helps in understanding it.

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