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Thread: Phoenix, a multilegged creature

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    Hi guys,

    hope ya'll have (had) great Xmas and all the best to upcoming year :-)

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    Re: Phoenix, a multilegged creature


    For information I've just uploaded a little tutorial of how I did the hardware modifications on the Futaba T7C 2,4 GHz RC transmitter for controlling Phoenix. You'll find it in the Data Center section.


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    Hello, I am working with PEP of Zenta, and I am understanding and controlling the formulas for IK legs, but I do not understand how to calculate page 1 (Body & Coxa), where are the formulas, where I can see, for able to walk the hexapod and enable it to rotate. I want to know how to calculate the IK.


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    I need help with motion sequences, the following code for the microcontroller, as defined by the movement, these numbers are loaded into the variables?

    if (GaitType == 0){ //Ripple Gait 6 steps
    LRGaitLegNr = 1;
    RFGaitLegNr = 2;
    LMGaitLegNr = 3;
    RRGaitLegNr = 4;
    LFGaitLegNr = 5;
    RMGaitLegNr = 6;

    NrLiftedPos = 1;
    TLDivFactor = 4;
    StepsInGait = 6;
    NomGaitSpeed = 150;

    What I'm trying to do is change the code to control a robot with 4 legs, someone can lend a hand, or know if you can.

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