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Thread: Introduce yourself!

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    !!!##00ToodB Guest

    Hello everybody

    Hello friend, I just join today!

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    To all the newcomers..

    Welcome to the group..
    Team Maggot---Mechs. "Bheka" (retired), "Maggot Mk.3(A)"
    " Keep your stick on the ice ".... Red Green

  3. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello from Portugal

    I am finishing my Master degree on Electric Eng. Building and controling a Delta Robot.

    Pleasure to be here

  4. Talking Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi all,

    I am Pattie I am a WFM/data analyst with a telecommunications company. I live in Westchester, Illinois.

    I know nothing about robots except that they are geek magnets and my fiance Jim is a geek.

    I am actually here because of him, I have been looking for a cool idea for Valentines day and last night he left this website up on the cane robot picture. Anytime the robo-cop movies are on he makes me watch them so I figured he must of really thought the robot was cool. So I thought it would be fun to buy a kit and put together a robot together. Probably, a guys worst nightmare but oh well.

    In your opinion which beginner robot is the coolest? Any chance one of them could stand up to a dog that loves to attack things? Right now he terrorizes a zhu zhu pet that I received as a gag gift and Jim thinks that hiding the zhu zhu in the house and watching the dog go nuts trying to find it as the zhu zhu makes all its irritating and annoying chirps is hilarious.

    Thanks all and good day!

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  5. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Pete from Houston Texas here....

    I totally failed the security question...that's a testament to years of moving from school to school as a youth.

    Anyway, I am an inventor ( who has a love affair with things mechanical. I am working on a huge robotics friendly project that will be the most enjoyable thing I have dumped my paychecks on.

    I look forward to learning lots from all you gurus of gadgetery!


  6. Re: Introduce yourself!


    I just signed up today and following the instructions from my first PM, am introducing myself.

    I did some work in this field as an undergrad where a prof. had a neat little lab setup. There were a few of us undergrads and about 5 grad students, which made it fun. Today, I tinker around a bit in my garage and just do it as a fun filled hobby.

    I figured, I would join this forum and hopefully learn something and give some back as well.

    I hope to meet everyone soon.


  7. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi guys an gals
    My handle is Mongo (Blazing Saddles fame... imitation not original)My name Is Les I live In New Zealand I have virtually no electronics programming background... Played with rc cars as a youth. I saw your mech warfare Vids and whentOMG!!!WTH... WHY HAVE I NOT FALLEN OVER THIS SOONER!!... when my pulse returned to normal I wondered if I was up to the challenge. the wife didn't think so and I backed my dreams down to rc tank warfare ... as a way in... I have a long history of paintball and more recently Airsoft... martial arts and video games so I guess I kinda fit in. I hope that one day people on this side of the planet get to have as much fun as you lot appear to... it pushes most of my buttons as can only happen with big kids... I think the skills and nouse that goes into your bots is fantastic and I hope to be part of this sport/pass time for years to come... Gidday from south /east of Aussie.

  8. New to TRC!

    Hello everyone!

    I am new to TRC and robotics in general and just wanted to start off by saying hi! I'm very excited to start learning about all of the cool things you can do and create with robotics and think this is the best place to do it!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all better and learning from your expertise!

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    Re: New to TRC!

    Glad to have you, and welcome.

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    Re: New to TRC!

    Greetings and welcome!

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