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Thread: Introduce yourself!

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    My name is ray I have been into computers for about 40 years and started with the KIM 1 BOARD 6502 processor I have a associates degree in electronics along with hydraulics electrical controls HVAC sheet metal aircraft repair and construction I have been working with
    3 different types of homemade miniature hydraulic control valves and have been using air cylinders for hydraulic cylinders. I have also been
    using wind shield motors for hydraulic motors with some success I would like to share some designs of the valves if anyone is interested.

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    Hello everyone

    I'm new to robotic and like to know more !

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    hy. i'm zsazsa.. interest in electronics and know i want to learn about robotic.

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi all
    I'm Max , I'm German, mechanical engineer student and I love robotics stuff
    For my master thesis i'm going to build kind of a delta robot (the reason I got here) for a laser application.

    hope to have some serius update soon

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    Hi everyone! My name is Jason and I found this interesting place while searching out an idea that I came up with over lunch with a friend one day. Like all ideas (even good ones) its been done in some form before. I'm a mechanical engineer with a farm boy background working in industrial automation (playing with big robots). I just enough electronics knowledge to get me into some really deep trouble - so I'll be entertaining along the way to building and learning about robot walking, gaits, ROS, and any number of other things I have yet to figure out. Thanks for having me!

    Jason Hoffman

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone!!

    My name is Urko, I´m spanish,
    student of renewable energies.
    For my final work in the university I have to achieve the control of a robotic arm and I would like to take more knowledge about robots.

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    Jacob is my name, a Nigerian and a graduate of geology, I suddenly fell in love with embedded systems and am willing to acquire knowledge to any length, I am currently working on serial communication, where I interface some app with some hardware... I will appreciate any mentor if there is one out there, and I am willing to assist anyone out with any assignment...

    I look forward to getting a lot of information here. I am really glad to be. thanks to everyone on this platform.

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    I'm Misko, I live in Switzerland. I'm software engineer who is trying to build hexapod. I have a lot of ideas but I'm stuck on some, probably, basic stuff. All this robotic stuff is new for me and I'm looking to learn new stuff and have a fun.


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    hey forum geeks i am max from holland. i like to build autonumous robots and make use of smart cam's like roborealm i work with apple and pc windows linux. i hope to share a lot with you and make nice video's of my works, very hapy to find this forum auf wiedersnitschel

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    I'm Victor, currently pursuing graduate studies in mechatronics. I've been introduced to Trossen Robotics this September through its servos Dynamixel AX-12a, for a quadruped robot project I am currently still working on. The goal of the project is to produce a bio-inspired four legged robot (gait generation, gait switching, compliance).

    I am very excited to interact in the forums with other robotics aficionados!


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