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Thread: Introduce yourself!

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    hello, my name is boštjan. i am a media artist. i came here because of the delta robot tutorial. i am working on a MIDI controller based on it. you can see what i do at its currently only in slovene but will be translated soon (there are images though).

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    Hi. I'm Geoff, known on the internet as sdfgeoff. My hobbies over the past years have included programming computer games and building robots.
    My robotics projects in the past have ranged from a robot that fits in a 5cm cube, to a 1-meter cubic behemoth that weighed upwards of 150kg and toted a 9kg gas cylinder and bird-scaring gas-gun. It was also effective at scaring people, and was robust enough to ride.
    I often write mini 'computer games' to simulate the robot. Having a simulation environment really helps make debugging easier and less costly.

    Anyway, I'm joining this forum because I have started planning a mech-warfare bot, and need your guys advice....

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    Hello folks.

    I'm Charlie and I'm a magician from Sweden working a lot with technology and have a huge interest in robotics.

    I have worked a lot with dynamixels and feel I really understand them so hopefully I'll be able to contribute on things relating to that. My understanding of electronics comes from just playing with it for a couple of years so it is very lacking, but I have a background as a games programmer from the turn of the millenn

    I am currently working on a full evening show about robots and AI premiering in about 5 weeks so currently I'm running around like a mad person working 12 hour days. Here is a little teaser shot quickly in my workshop.

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    My name is David and I am a mechanical engineer from USA

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    Hey everyone,

    my name is Michael and I am from Germany. I am working for an engineering office for automation in the production area. We are doing a lot of retro-fit but also robotics. The last project was to built an off-the-shelf robot and its control.
    In my research, I found this forum. The threat about transformation in this forum was very usefull (thanks very much).
    I hope I can give back some help.
    Have a great day

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Deezal and I am so excited to be on this forum! I am an aspiring electrical and electronics engineer

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    Thanks for adding me to this prestigious group. My good name A.Xavier reni prasad. I am doing my ME mechatronics in MADRAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,CHENNAI,INDIA. Pursuing my project in delta robot design. this site is very useful in my work progress. this is eye opening for me.

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    Hey guys.

    Name's Rob, and I know absolutely nothing about robotics! About the only background I have in electronics is a few years experience in repairing games consoles, during which time (thanks to one of the main problems the PS3 console had with its GPU) I learned to reball chips.

    I've been looking to build an idea I've had in my head for a long time now, but was stopped by the lack of knowledge I have. Decided to finally put it into motion and seek out help online, so I'm looking forward to getting involved here

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    Hi everyone, Am Machinist. Am currently building a tribrid (a pcb miller, a 3d printer and laser etching machine combined) ikr. Am building this from e-waste materials. (i believe nothing is waste, and also everything can be reused.). I'll appreciate every

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