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Thread: Introduce yourself!

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    Hi, My name is Xinghao Huang. I am third-year mechanical engineering student in UC Santa Barbara. Thanks for everyone.

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    Hello all,

    My name is Adam. I am a software developer living in the Seattle, Washington area. I mostly work on microcontroller based embedded systems these days. When it comes to robot builds: I am pretty comfortable with the software side of things, just knowledgable enough to be dangerous with the electronics, and pretty darn weak with the mechanical portions.

    I am really trying to dig more into my robotics hobby these days and I am hoping that this forum will give me the inspiration and direction to make that happen

    Recently I have worked on a few hacking projects using toy robots from WowWee:
    * MiP ProMini Pack - This project includes my redesign of a PCB originally created by Sparkfun and an Arduino library (created by me and other members of the MiP hacking community) to let people write custom AVR programs for their WowWee MiP self-balancing robot.
    * CHiP robotic dog hacks - These hacks include figuring out WowWee's BLE protocol to control the CHiP and then implementing a C API for macOS as a proof of concept. I hope to do some more hacking on this cool robotic toy dog in the future.

    One of the robot projects I hope to work on in the near future:
    * A Sawppy Rover build - Sawppy was inspired by JPL's Open Source Rover project which was itself inspired by the Curiosity Rover already up on Mars. I would like to use this as a base for a bot to compete in the outdoor SRS Robo-Magellan navigation competition.

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    Hello Everyone, I'm Dean and I'm new here. Nice to meet you all.

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    Hello, I am not new to robotics but it has been a decade or so since I have been active.
    I am looking forward to learning from folks on the forum and hopefully I can be helpful to someone along the way.
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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hey guys, I'm Emory. I used to do some robotics in high school and college but have been more in rc cars, multicopters, etc. for the past few years. I live near Houston and work as a mechanical engineer designing machine tools.

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    Hi from the Tropic of Cancer! I am from Spain - Canary Islands. Yes, yes. Sorry for my English! So far the robots have arrived.

    I have a long experience with LEGO MindStorms Education Kit NXT and EV3 for educational purposes. :-) In recent years i've done python programming in EV3 thanks to the magnificent ev3dev. However, I am here due to Robotis Dynamixel. :-P I am starting with them and i need help. Much help i suspect.

    Thank you for this forum!!

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    I'm from Norway and discovered this place when it was mentioned by @Zenta on a facebook group. I've always been interested in these kind of stuff and many of my other hobbies are related to controlling stuff with computers. I work as an automation engineer (primary plc and plc programming). At home I have been building 3d printers for years and I've restored a industrial size cnc machine that I use for hobby projects like this.

    The hexa's is what caught my attention and I've been looking at a PhantomX kit with ar12 servos to get started. The only thing stopping me is the cost when starting out. I kinda want to test things out before going all-in so I need to do some research to see if there's a cheaper way without throwing money out of the window on parts that I will just throw away if I like this hobby and want to advance.

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    Hi guys. Thank you for letting me join your community, I will try to be useful to you. I live in Ukraine and work in the field of IT. I am engaged in writing custom software, as well as website design.

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    Hello , I'm a network engineer for a large French company based in Paris. Now, I work to build demos for showing the solutions of my companies for my customers. For that, I use Raspberry, devices compatible Arduino etc...

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    This thread is rarely visited. Regardless, I'm excited to be here. I'm mostly a software developer and have some experience with tools like 3D printing, Laser Cutting and tiny CNC machines. I'm looking to get into robotics for solving some of our automated testing needs.

    Robert (aka not-bob)

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