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Thread: Introduce yourself!

  1. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hey everyone, just joined the forum today. My name is Jay Jeter, I'm a senior Mechanical Engineering student at Auburn University in Alabama. I'm finishing a senior design project currently that inspired me to join this forum to discuss robotics with you knowledgeable folk. Looking forward to talking with you guys.


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    Lightbulb Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi All,

    I am Soumya code name NicoX, an electronics engineer started as VLSI developer for a Sound Company in India.
    I am a software developer & worked for different domains like VLSI, mobility, iOS development, server, database, game development etc with skillsets like Java, C, C++, Objective C, PHP, ASP, Python, JavaScript, LUA etc.
    I work as an architect for mobility in IBM India.
    I live in Kolkata (India) with my papa-mama, my lovely wife Shampa.
    We have a son Ishaan, I call him Tintin.

    Robotics is my hobby from the child hood but never took it very seriously as now after joining here.
    I bought a Bioloid GP and dreaming to make it more intelligent
    I will need every one's help to achieve that.


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    Re: Introduce yourself!


    New to the forum and the world of Robotics so looking forward to some fun times.

    I've just completed a home built weather station project where I needed to self-learn Python, Javascript, PHP, Arduino and communicating using WiFi, XBee and 433 RF. See The weather project was fun but looking for something a little more exciting, so it's time to try Robotics!

    Following the principles of walk first, then run I've decided to start with the PhantomX AX Hexapod Mark II Kit. It's on it's way - can't wait for the shipment to arrive

    My broad plan is this:
    Step 1 - Get the Hexapod up and running in standard config
    Step 2 - Have a go with the Phoenix code
    Step 3 - Add sensors for collision avoidance, semi autonomous navigation etc
    Step 4 - Who knows where to next

    I've already read a huge amount of useful info on the forum, so looking forward to the journey into robotics and to share anything useful I might discover along the way

    New Zealand

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    Hi, my name is David and I am a grad student at UT Dallas pursuing my MS degree in EE, my main focus is Control Systems and Robotics and Automation. Nice to meet you all. Currently I'm learning the basics of Robot Control so any help is appreciated (=.

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    Hi guys I am Jason, new to forum, dropped by to say hello

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hey everyone!

    My name I Jonathan and I'm a 4th year Mechatronic engineering and IT student at the University of Queensland. I came upon this forum a few weeks back and decided to join. I'm very passionate about robotics but more on the side of low-level software. In my spare time I kayak, play a few games (mostly rpg's), read and I used to play guitar but not so frequently now.

    This looks like a fantastic community and hopefully I can both learn and teach in my time here

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Well, let me introduce myself, I have a Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineer, currently working as a Technician at First Data. I have alot of hobby including rc car, helicopter, and robotics. I have built alot of BEAM robotic, including 4 and 5 motor walkers.

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    I'm an old school geek who has been doing this and that since the '70s (we are talking things such as taking classes in assembly language for the Motorola 6800 and Intel 8080). I'm an empty nester who lately has been enjoying hiking the hills and mountains of Colorado with my wife Soon. I've got three kids who are out of the house (thank you God), two down in Denver and one in Oakland CA.

    Workwise, I like to say I've had my working life and my soul job: one highlight was my job heading up a group that successfully got through a Colorado state bill for the certification of kidney hemodialysis technicians in 2007 and it's renewal in 2012. My daughter was the one on dialysis, but has a transplant now (again, thank you God!). I'll mention I've been quite upset with the kidney dialysis field of medicine for the last 14 years, this fact sheet might give you an idea why.

    Why am I here? My working life and my soul job may have finally reached a nexus on a project I'm thinking of. I may need help on it (probably a lot of help). I plan on posting about it here soon!

    As promised, the project I mentioned: a dialysis tech robot
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    My name is Joseph Bryant Jr. I am 26 years old and I'm from Lake Charles, Louisiana. I am married and have five kids, four girls and one boy. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at ECPI University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have had a love for robotics all my life. I am looking to have career in Robotics. I am currently working on a project that I feel will have everyone excited. Not only will kids love this but adults as well. I plan on starting my own business one day. I am always trying to learn something new. I believe my imagination is what makes my ideas so great. One of my mottoes is if you can think it you can make it. I will be posting more about my project soon. Well that is me and I hope to hear from all of you real soon. Also, I know you see my profile name is F.I.T, that is my business name which means Future Imagination Technologies. I can't wait to read all of the articles and learn from all of you.

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    I'm Jeff Herrick and new to this forum and technology (somewhat). I've studied at ITT Technical Institute many years ago. What brings me here is that I'm a professional Mentalist and have many outdated effects and ideas for new ones.

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