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Thread: Introduce yourself!

  1. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone!

    I am new to the forum so I hope I am not doing something wrong.

    I am Peter den Toom a graduating bachelor mechatronics student from the Netherlands. I am interested in delta robots and their forward and inverse kinematics. I have experience in forward kinematics and denavit-hartenberg convention for multi axes robots but not with linked axes.

    Could someone please help me on this topic?

    Ofcourse I googled a little myself. On this page related to the kinematics the writer refers to this forum:

    I have seen a page made by mouradsme named Delta robot kinematics but this page is giving me an error:

    I am doing something wrong or?

    Maybe someone has a link or an explanation regarding this topic.

    Thank you in advance for reading my message and I hope you can help me

    Kind regards,

  2. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Steven, I'm 32, and I'm about as green as you can get to robotics.
    I'm a career entrepreneur, and I cashed out of all my businesses earlier this year to go back to school.
    I've decided that I want my next entrepreneurial adventure to be in the realm of robotics, and I figured I should get a little education to have some clue about what I'm doing.
    I can tell I've come to the right place because the invention and innovation here is amazing!
    I look forward to having lots of dumb questions sarcastically answered, and eventually being a contributor to the fun

  3. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone i am newbie here i really like to join this community.



  4. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi I am Eric Yer from Burbank CA. On my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and participating in community events & discussion forums.

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