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Thread: Introduce yourself!

  1. Re: Introduce yourself!

    hey all!

    another aussi here! . i am just finishing an engineering degree majoring in mechatronics. look forward to seeing progress on lots of the projects happening here.

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    gstral Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hey all!

    First of all, this site is pretty awesome, so thanks everybody for making a chill environment about robotics! Found this forum via a youtube video about Zenta's hexapod.

    I'm from Canada and I'm a student in computer science. I'm interested in robotics and automation/AI in general, high leveled stuff. Too bad I haven't got too much exposure to the EE/Mechanical side of things

    During my free time, I like to swim (the boring lapping kind), hike and other outdoorsy stuff.

    Hope to learn lots from you all!


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    Nice site. I discovered this site after reading and watching a U tube video of a remote controlled XV-11 that was posted on

    I wanted to join this site and possibly contribute some hacking info from time to time. Most of my expertise is from hacking and modding Roomba and Scooba robots.

    I'm retired from the old Bell System where I worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories in Naperville, IL. Worked on neat things like ISDN that has now gone by the wayside for even better networks which are now mostly wireless. You can see some of my efforts by visiting my website here:

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    Oh Kay.

    Well, I used to tinker with robots way back when and got out of the hobby and into others and now I'm back. Anyway, in real life I am in Retail sales. I'm 36. Love the outdoors, four wheeling, Radio Controlled aircraft and cars, and Automotive racing (Auto Cross and Drag). I like Anime (especially Mecha ) I was born and live in central North Carolina.
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    Smile Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi , my name is Yudha Pane a.k.a gonzo.
    I'm from Indonesia, a country in South East Asia.
    I'm currently a college student majoring Electrical Engineering.
    Interested in robotics especially legged locomotion, electronics devices and simulation.
    Hopefully I will make a good contribution in this forum.
    Thank you

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    aldebaran Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello im new to this forum and i love robots im looking forward to enjoy my stay here.... best wishes to all of you and have a great holidays

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    hey Aldebaran

    welcome to the forum. Are you the creator of Nao? If so I'm a big fan of your work.


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    Hi ;

    I'm Onur from Turkey.

    I'm study at bahcesehir university( you should look) Mechatronic engineering in Turkey.
    My final year project is hexapod.I have been working on it 3 months and ı bought ssc32 servos,batteries.

    Now ı will start mechanics of hexapod.Now ı am drawings legs parts.

    Yours very truly
    Onur K.

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    Hey everyone, i'm Jeppers, from the bay area california... 3D media arts and animation major at the art institute of ca, takinga wee lil break because i'm going back into the airforce this february to get my training in my new job as a cyberspace systems operations technician.

    just recently got back into the electronics scene again, my friend asked me to do an led light case mod to his x-box 360, and when i started doing research into what people were doing now a days to their 360 x-box's... i figure their stuff was lame, and i wanted to do more than just have it blink lights and stuff... i want that 360 to be robotized... turn it on and panels pop up from the servos raising it into the air, lights flashing with led sound synchronization, and other stuff too... well i'm kinda rusty in the electronics shindig but its slowly all coming back YAY!... this looks like a sweet forum, and hopefully you guys can see my progress on this project and help me out a little please thanks!!!!


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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone, I was introduced to this community from fellow CCCKC hackerspace member Micheal Overstreet. I've always loved robots and hope to build a few soon. I have three at the moment but they spit plastic! I have three 3d printers and will bring two to Robogames this year. Not sure yet about competing as printing all day sounds fun enough! I am happy to print stuff for folks and on a side note I have a code to by an UP! printer at $1600 righ tnow. Shameless plug I know but its such a damn good deal. I'll try to post more but feel free to ping me with any questions you may have. I will most certianly ping you when I start to build....something.

    Oh yeah the details. My name is Luis Enrique Rodriguez, I am 35 tomorrow have a wie and two sons, am a Graphic Designer at the Kauffman Foundation, member of the KC Hackerspace CCCKC in KC where I met Micheal Overstreet adn love tech, robots, and anything Maker related! I am a DIY'er home owner that prides myslef on building/learning/sharing.

    -Luis E. Rodriguez

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