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Thread: Introduce yourself!

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Welcome Neoo024, you will have a lot of fun here. a real good bunch of ppl here and very helpful.
    People yearn after this robotic dream, but you can't strip your life of all meaning, emotion and feeling and expect to function.

  2. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this level of robotics so I thought it a good idea to join your community. I must say I'm very impressed not only with the store on this site but also the members of the community here. I have been scoping out the net in anticipation of making a bi-ped for about 4 - 5 years for good robotics resources and this is by far the place to be.

    I have been wanting to make robotics more of a hobby for some time now and have finally got tired of it being push to the bottom of the list. My hope is to be able to design and build a bi-ped. I have begun the design process and am getting ready to make a purchase of some hardware. I do have more ambitious ideas but I'm thinking starting out with a bi-ped should be challenging enough.

    Right now I live In Maine, USA and work as a freelance contractor. I like the country living and enjoy watching Star Gate and some other sci-fi shows and movies. Other hobbies include or have been music, painting, sketching, hiking , motocross, skate boarding and skiing.

    Hope to see you all in the forums, Enjoy

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hey, hows it going, my name is max, I'm a alaskan pilot/ramper just starting to explore robotics and such. Hope to contribute an learn.

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Greetings. My email told me too so here goes.

    My name is Jim , I'm 28. I live right out side Chicago. I have studied a bit of physics, am partially trained (of the A&P certifications, I made it threw the power plant half right before 9/11 when I abandoned the career) to work on jet engines, and took a year of electronics to finish off my education when I abandoned my Aircraft course. I am self taught from there.

    For the most part I work with Microchip products. Taught my self assembly , some basic, some what competent with C. Still working on C but I can edit code efficiently , and write it with some help from my mentors.

    My projects have included :
    a. An on board mcu to control turn signals brake lights and headlights for my rc car.
    This design worked on the proto board and my soldering failed on the first prototype. Then thanks to windoze and a nasty virus I lost my code and moved on.
    b. An upgrade to the above which controlled fuel mixture and logged temperature for nitro rc cars.
    Also never finished due to losing all of my code in the same pc crash.

    C. USB 2.0 midi controller with micro sd reader and usb boot loader.
    This was my first 100 % successful design. Not only did I prototype it I designed pcb, and a case and every thing for it. This took me about 2 years as I had to learn every thing involved and being self taught, its is an interesting endeavor to try to teach your self what you don't know, you don't know. This was coded in C . Used a PIC 18f26j50.

    D. Built a reflow oven to complete the above project.

    E. Currently building a web based security system. With web interface for monitoring and control.
    Taught my self HTML , XHTML , working on TCP/Ip , css, and more for this one.

    Interesting thing about me , I nearly died in a car wreck. Couldn't speak or remember who I was when I woke from my coma. I used engineering / Development to rehab my self as I had no insurance when I wrecked. Ive got a bad back and swiss cheese memory but I get by and wouldnt change it for any thing.

    Biggest fault:
    My math teachers were under par. I need to study up and over come this limitation.

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    A big welcome to the new folks..There's a great bunch of folks here.

    Team Maggot---Mechs. "Bheka" (retired), "Maggot Mk.3(A)"
    " Keep your stick on the ice ".... Red Green

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    My name is Steve and I live in Alum Creek, West Virginia, USA. I can buy resistors, capacitors, and a few odd things at our local Radio Shack, but I have to order 99% of my parts from the web.

    I am a retired data processing project manager and just located our local robot club. I got into robot building about a year ago when I saw an article about the Arduino microprocessor. After I learned how to make it blink, I was on the hook.

    Since I have been involved with computer programming for 30 years, it did not take me long to learn enough of the Wiring code for the Arduino. Then I learned about driving two motors with a quad bridge chip, using CDS photocells, IR range sensors, Ultrasonic range sensors, passive infrared sensors, then using a multiplexer chip, and just recently the BlueSmirf and 8 channel micro serial servo controller. Oh my, the little parts get more and more interesting and more and more capable.

    In the meantime, I have been learning the Processing language, that fits like a glove with the Arduino. My latest bench advancement is controlling 8 servos attached to the Arduino using a serial servo controller through the BlueSmirf from a Processing executable running on my PC.

    And with that mouthful, I will say 'hello' to all of you and hope to pick your brains in the future.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am an EE and CE with a passion for robotics working in software development for a full flight simulation company. I like to joke that we make fake airplanes so pilots don't have to crash real ones. At work I interface all sorts of hardware with the software running the simulation. I also write code for the systems that are not hardware, things like fuel tanks, hydralics, electrical generators, secondary flight controls. At home I am a husband and father of 2.464 children. Yes that mean I have another on the way. But on monday nights my wife takes full control of the children so I can work on my hobby of robotics. Funds are limited and time is scarce but I am working on autonomous rovers mainly.

    Current project: Codename Wudy
    Robot Construction -Picture
    Robot's first steps - Old video - Brain test

    I will start a thread with more details on this bot.

    My research is to solve issues with robotic reliabilty, self-reliance, human-interfacing, command and control, and problem solving. So needless to say I will be at it for the next 70 years or so. I really like the community feel here. I will make an effort to help others as much as possible and share my experiance.


    P.S. I reside in the Tulsa, OK area.
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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hey Steve, welcome, it sounds to me that we need to pick YOUR brains, besides RN-! I'm into radio control big time, I've been trying to get the lights, hi,low,turn,running and brakes to work on my r/c land cruiser to work at the appropiate times. i've got the RAM modules hooked up but the car also has a controller that I've had no luck finding out how to program it. It would be nice to run into you I coming to Virginia to visit my daughter later this year.
    where is adrynnalin? I haven't seen a post lately. See you guys at the games!

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    Re: Introduce yourself!


    MY names Jed Sully I am a teenager who hadn't been exposed to robotics till highschool. like the name implies robots on the cheap are my thing.

  10. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone. As my name "Beginner" suggests I'm a beginner. I just recently found out about Trossen and bought an Ollo kit which I used to put together what looks like a dinosaur but it rattles around. I don't think that it really works properly. Then I bought the SolarSpeeder Solaroller 2.0 but I'm not sure I put that together correctly either. I made a mess of the soldering. Keep your fingers crossed for me...maybe one day I'll get it right.

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