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Thread: Introduce yourself!

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    Re: Introduce yourself!


    My name is Gary I live in Imperial Beach, Ca. I am in the Navy. I like to tinker with a lot of different things and robots is one of them. I also have a hobby mill and lathe which I hope will help with my robot tinkering. If anyone living in Cali needs some aluminum machined just ask. I would like to see if I can build stuff.

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hey Gary..
    Welcome to the group.

    Team Maggot---Mechs. "Bheka" (retired), "Maggot Mk.3(A)"
    " Keep your stick on the ice ".... Red Green

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    I am an Art Director, Prop Maker & Fabricator new to robot building. My new website will be up in a week or so for you to see some of my past/current projects. I have a few robot projects that I am spec'ing out for my own amusement. But the results of my work will be broadcast somewhere.

    My studio, LUCKY 13 design/build, is well equipped with an abundance of tools, equipment, materials & space. I look forward to leveraging some of your knowledge, experience & resources to make some EPIC & enjoyable machines. I don't plan on battling with any of my robots. We come in peace. But I don't mean peace & quiet.

    I like loud things and I do plan on causing some trouble with man & machine. Yes, I like to have fun with people in a harmless & entertaining manner. Am I good at it, we will let the public decide.



    tomas verde
    LUCKY 13
    Los Angeles

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    El Marco Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone, How goes it?

    I'm Mark from the sunny north of the UK...

    I found this site while researching the Biped Scout I'm currently building but, I've been into building mobile autonomous 'bots for quite a while. My 10 year old son is starting to show an interest and he is learning to code in Pbasic (he wrote a pretty good servo zeroing program for me to help setup the 20 odd servos we have kicking around). Most of my coding has been in 68k assembler and I dabble in PIC, AVR, Propeller SPIN and a few other bits.

    I have a thing for automatic vacuum cleaners for some reason...

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    I'm here to learn about Mech Warfare, which looks pretty cool.
    I live in Beijing and have dabbled mostly in NXT so far.
    Mech Warfare is on a larger scale, and I hope to learn from other's trial and error.


  6. Re: Introduce yourself!


    My name is Dimitar. I`m 22, and I live in Bulgaria. A year ago I saw a hexapod robot video in youtube and I was fascinated. Since then I've been building my own hexapod and now it`s almost complete. Sometimes building robots is a very lonely job so I`m glad that there are forums like this that connect roboteers from all over the world

    Dimitar Kurtev

  7. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the forum. We are always glad to hear that someone has found us and has joined. I believe you will find that many of us like to share ideas and like to hear about what each other is building. Loneliness is probably something you won't find on here.

  8. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello, My name is Jonathan . . been a lurker for a time and purchased kits from time to time . .
    When I am not finding bugs with network servers . . I do photography, some CGI 3D art, and play with gadgets. I have for a long time wanted to build a robot (a autonomous one). I have some skill at crafty stuff - building and bogging things together. Also some programming and animation experience.

    I love the work I have seen people here do and love the hexapods (a favored subject for my photography are insects so go figure). and decided to purchase a Phoenix kit (as I do not have much access to any CNC mill, so the kit was perfect)

    Now I just spent a week building a Phoenix hexapod . . it is up and going and begging for modifications
    Quick vid I did [ame=""]YouTube- BugBot v2[/ame] (though I expect everyone has done this full dance after building)

    I am planning on adding sensors, starting with IR range finder or 2 and proceeding to adding the Blackfin camera I have . . might also add some sensors to the legs . .
    Also I was thinking on adding "tendons" to make the normal stance neutral and adding a additional bent Femur part to balence some stress on the servos . . . but all in good time . . . I will be asking LOTS of questions!

    I am glad to join in and connect with the wonderful robot making group here

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    Patrik Olsson Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello guys I found this forum by a coincident when I was looking for some information about Hexapods.. I must say its a great forum, I can only say great job.

    And now a little about me, my name is Patrik Olsson and I live in Sweden my biggest interest is Robotics. I work as a developer at a company called Andon Automation AB that build big welding robot systems. Http:// I make all of the configuration for the robots to integrat all the external axis and making them coordinated by inverse kinematics.

    I have always been working with robots for work and on my spare time but mostly at my spare time I used Lego Mindstorms to build with. But now I will make a hexapod in alu..

    That was a short introduction see you guys around..

  10. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hey everyone hows it going? My real name is Charlie but I like my Xbox name way better so I went with dalocogamer for this forum. Came across this forum earlier today. Really like what I see and now I got the urge to be part of it. I really like the Mech War video on the site. That was the hook that got me into here now. I am currently a freelance computer assistaned that goes around my town helping companies and homes with any computer related task. I am from Bloomington, IN. IU is only the 2nd greatest thing at Indiana, I am the 1st greatest thing.

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