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Thread: Introduce yourself!

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    Hello everyone!
    My name is Steven, I'm 32, and I'm about as green as you can get to robotics.
    I'm a career entrepreneur, and I cashed out of all my businesses earlier this year to go back to school.
    I've decided that I want my next entrepreneurial adventure to be in the realm of robotics, and I figured I should get a little education to have some clue about what I'm doing.
    I can tell I've come to the right place because the invention and innovation here is amazing!
    I look forward to having lots of dumb questions sarcastically answered, and eventually being a contributor to the fun

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    Hello everyone i am newbie here i really like to join this community.



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    Ericyer Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi I am Eric Yer from Burbank CA. On my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and participating in community events & discussion forums.

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    anaplan Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    I am saher
    Thanks for your forum

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi my name is Nat,

    Im a french student in Art and philosophy and im really interessed by new art ( with robotic, biotechnology ect ect ) and by the history of technology in general and the way it's transform human subjectivity. Im actually working on military and police robot and the influence on comportement in public space.
    So i join this Forum to build a version of the military robot MAARS. Im working in the way of artist like Haround Farocki or Kryztof wodiscko ( i recommend ! ) but don't worry : no ammo inside.

    Im also interrest by different kind of low tech ( 3d print, reconstructed recovery ) and permaculture (im working on it !)

    In life when im not trying to understand Slavoj zizek or hegel i play percussion and theremin, and im a disastrous dancer.

    Ok i think i can stop here.

    Oh yes i have to say im a total newbi on arduino, programmation ect...
    Im looking forward too meet people on this forum and start to share projects !

    see you !
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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone! My name is Matt and I am a BSEE student in Minnesota. I'm delving more into robotics as part of a research project with one of my professors in conjunction with other students. Some pastimes I enjoy are playing music with my friends, chilling and reading at home, as well as playing video games casually and sometimes competitively. Glad to be here!

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    Hey peeps!

    My name is Solomon and I've been a robotics software engineer at Trossen Robotics for almost a year and a half now. My background is that I have a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a Masters in Robotics. I'd say I'm familiar with creating ROS packages to control robotic arms and rovers. I also have done some CADing, PCB design, and taken some circuits courses. When I'm not programming robots, I like to read sci-fi, watch shows like the Mandelorian and House, and love listening to Lindsey Stirling!

    By the way, this is the first time I've used a forum in like a decade, so we'll see how this goes!!!

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    Hi. My name is Mirza. I'm robotics and automation engineer. Happy New Year!

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    Greetings!! Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been fascinated with robots for years, especially the Humanoid Bipeds. I have a Hovis Light biped that I experiment with. By day I design custom tools for subsea remote operated vehicles. I figured this Forum would be a great source of information and Inspiration.

    Thanks Brianmcm

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    HI everyone, happy to be a part of this community

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