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Thread: Introduce yourself!

  1. Re: Introduce yourself! Dave from California

    Hi, I'm Tom

    I'm a c++ graphics & simulation developer and my hobbies include quadcopter assembly and flying. Here's what happens when a CGI guy flies quadcopters:

    I've always been interested in robotics and I saw the PhantomX hexapod. I knew I would have to try that out. While I'm accumulating parts for it I thought it would be fun to develop a simulator and have programmed a walking hexapod within a simulation.

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello, I'm Arthur

    I am a college student interested in robotics. I am building a quadruped now and hope to enter it into Mech Warfare when it is ready.

  3. Re: Introduce yourself!


    My name is Alain, I live and work in a small company in Valence, south east of France as Embedded software engineer. I also made Electronic and Software R&D in a previous life and I recently discovered this forum by curiousity about robots.
    No doubt I'll find very interesting infos around.


  4. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello, my name is Bill Poplaski, I have no experience with robotics I done a lot of electrical stuff. I would like to build a remote controlled lawnmower. Who know were that will lead me to? I’m retired and have woodworking as my primary hobby.

  5. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi! Mi name is Victor German Calan Uc, i have 31 years old, i´m from Mexico and actually study a master degree. I love robotics.

  6. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone!
    I am Luca, writing from Italy.

    Some years ago I decided to try making real a dream I had as a kid, obviously... to build a robot!
    All of this begun with a commercial robot named iDroid (one of those that you buy in pieces by post and assemble following the manual), followed some year after by another cute one called Roby.
    Putting together some pre-designed piece of hardware is a start, but the interest falls when you realize that the pre-loaded programs of these toys cannot be expanded....

    So, I am a total newbie, however... having some experience of coding built up at school a few... some... ok... a lot of years ago (BASIC and COBOL... ugh...), plus some more experience on the job, I decided to give a try to something more "flexible".
    Looking around I discovered new things like "smart" servos, microcontrollers, Arduino etc. so recently I begun studying how to code for Arduino, aiming to become able to program the bunch of Dynamixels, frames and other components that will become "my robot"!

    I am pretty much sure that following this forum that I joined a few days ago will help me improving my knowledge, and... who knows... possibly one day I will be able also to give back some help!

    Thanks for keeping up such an interesting community, and for having read those few lines from me!

  7. Re: Introduce yourself!


    I am Kanabe.

    I am working on projects regarding motor driving and am currently having my first experience with Dynamixel.

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    Re: Introduce yourself!


    I'm Otto and want to introduce myself.
    I'm into RC-Sailplanes, electronics (teensy 3.x etc.) 3D-printing and CNC-milling.
    I like the PhantomX hexapod very much and want to build one.
    Mechanics and Dynamixel should pose no problem, but the challenge will be the (A)I of the beast.

    I have a lot to read on this Forum, but this is a start.

    Regards from Belgium, Otto.

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi All,

    A total Newbie, just come out of the womb here!!
    I'm a puppet builder in the UK and have recently started to introduce animatronics in my builds, moving eyes, eyelids etc!
    I'm comfortable doing this type of work until a really good client asked if he could have moving arms!!
    With my limited experience of hobby servos and maestro I realised they wouldnt work and started to look at Dynamixel Servos.

    The video that got me hooked was when the guy moved one robotic arm and the other copied the movement! (Voodoo style)
    For me to acheive this would be AWESOME!!

    So I joined this group hoping that I would find a way within the community and for someone to point me in the right direction.

    Thanks all

  10. Re: Introduce yourself!


    I am a total noob. I recently started learning ROS. I am working on autonomous copters for surveillance. This website seems like a nice place to discuss problems

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