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Thread: Introduce yourself!

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    hello, my name is boštjan. i am a media artist. i came here because of the delta robot tutorial. i am working on a MIDI controller based on it. you can see what i do at its currently only in slovene but will be translated soon (there are images though).

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    Hi. I'm Geoff, known on the internet as sdfgeoff. My hobbies over the past years have included programming computer games and building robots.
    My robotics projects in the past have ranged from a robot that fits in a 5cm cube, to a 1-meter cubic behemoth that weighed upwards of 150kg and toted a 9kg gas cylinder and bird-scaring gas-gun. It was also effective at scaring people, and was robust enough to ride.
    I often write mini 'computer games' to simulate the robot. Having a simulation environment really helps make debugging easier and less costly.

    Anyway, I'm joining this forum because I have started planning a mech-warfare bot, and need your guys advice....

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    Hello folks.

    I'm Charlie and I'm a magician from Sweden working a lot with technology and have a huge interest in robotics.

    I have worked a lot with dynamixels and feel I really understand them so hopefully I'll be able to contribute on things relating to that. My understanding of electronics comes from just playing with it for a couple of years so it is very lacking, but I have a background as a games programmer from the turn of the millenn

    I am currently working on a full evening show about robots and AI premiering in about 5 weeks so currently I'm running around like a mad person working 12 hour days. Here is a little teaser shot quickly in my workshop.

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    My name is David and I am a mechanical engineer from USA

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