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Thread: Introduce yourself!

  1. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi guys

    My name is Georgi. I am a mad scientist from Bulgaria who loves to play with artificial intelligence and robots. Well, right now the mad(dreamer) part is more active than the scientific one, but hopefully in time the balance will shift ^_^. I am quite good with all kinds of programming (except for User Interface, I cannot make something look pretty even if my life depends on it) and ... not so good with hardware (to be honest I suck with hardware ). My dream is to make the robots walk among us just as if they are ordinary people.

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    Adrianfu Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Stumbled on this site looking for a solution to a problem I am having with an Arduino project. I am a retired welder/fabricator and have an associate diploma of Electrical Engineering. Worked for awhile as a lab tech and then teaching at TAFE. I have had an interest in electronics since I was 6-7 and discovered Arduino and RaspberryPi a few years ago.


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    Hi, my name is Jack and I am a roboholic. Currently residing in sunny Orlando. I do AI stuff for a small company for my day job and I have been building autonomous robots on my free time for about a decade now. My current interest is in evolutionary algorithms to learn complex hexapod gait initially on ROS using Gazebo and then with PhantomX-18. Although my 12 year old son greatly enjoys the robots, to my dismay the dog, cats and wife seem to treat my autonomous agents with disdain.

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    iamadrian Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello guys,

    My name is Adrian, i am curently a student in Advanced Mechatronics at UPB Romania. I am pasionate of cars and cars electronics, besides that, i work on a project for a 3DOF parallel robot at my univesity.

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    yaling102 Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello guys:
    I will study about robot and enjoy the new field.

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    My name is Pali, and by title I go as an automation engineer at the workplaces I had so far. I met robotics in-depth at Uni, I was studying computer sciences, but solely coding felt a little bit dull for me, therefore I ended up with minoring in robotic engineering. My first real challenge was when I was hired by the current company I work in Germany for, they asked me to build a complete robot for automated testing (project intro WIP!). It was also here where I met the Dynamixel series, that's basically how I ended up on this forum.

    Regardless of what I said previously, I'm somewhat familiar with multiple programming languages (first 3 prefs in order: C#, Java, Python), I also learned the basics of designing 3D printable objects with this company (they had a 3D printer, and offered me unlimited access so I can create custom components for the robot), the most experience I have is in web automation, but I feel more comfortable with robotics.

    My favourite pastime activities are including (but not limited to): paragliding (this includes hiking and traveling a lot too), board games, video games, reading, and learning about mythologies behind religions.

    I'm looking forward to grow here with the Trossen community

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    poxtius Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!


    My name is Josema, I'm a teacher of maintenance electronics in a vocational schooll. I'm enrolling in a project with teacher's from other schooll. Our project is a colaborative arm and I am trying to learn about Pypose and that's why I signed up for this forum.

    I'm looking forward to learn much here with the Trossen community.
    Thank you very much.

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    Morpheus Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello...My name is Morpheus, I work for Apple as a Genius in California. For me, robotics is a real passion. My goal in joining this forum is to meet and discuss robotics with like minded individuals. I have not purchased but plan to buy a humanoid robot. Not sure which one (maybe the forum can offer their advice) but I am thinking the HR-0S1 or the Robotis-OP2. But would like the advice of others in the community. Thanks and I look forward to our chats.

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello Guys. Chris here and even if i havent gone to school to learn about AI and robotics its one of my hobbies. Here to both learn and be amazed about what people can put together
    Who said Robocop isnt real?

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    low4own Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello All. My name is Robert, I'm in my late 40's and I love to build things. My first robot was a Lynxmotion Phoenix. Since then I have been involved with everything from drones to 3D printing. I really enjoy the hardware side of building things.....but I need to dedicate more time to the software side of things. Normally I just modify existing code to fit my needs, but now I'm wanting to write all the code for my Phantom MKIII. I look forward to that challenge, and the knowledge to be gained within this forum will really help.

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