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Thread: Introduce yourself!

  1. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi, Andrew.
    I read that you play guitar. Me too.
    If you like, maybe we can talk a little about it at off-forum.

  2. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi, it's my turn!
    I'm a Chinese, and my name is Liu FuQiang. I also have an English name: Brad Lucas.
    I'm a phD student, my major is : computer vision / pattern recognition.
    I love programming, robotics, and playing guitar(also classic music).
    I love all kinds of sports.
    I also worked with a group named WallyRobot, it's our website:
    We talked about robotics in the spare time and are making a robot.
    This is my picture:
    Sorry, I want to upload my picture, but I don't know how to.

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    Ianadan Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    My name is Ian, my nickname is the name I used when I played LOTRO, which I haven't done for a while...

    I look after the EMEA telephone system for a global advertising company and I'm based in London.

    I've always had a thing for robots but no great talent in electronics or otherwise.. I'm mechanically sound! I did a day course with Michael Margolis of Arduino Cookbook and renewed my interest. Backed MAKI on kickstarter which uses Arbotix, dynamixels and XBees, so now I need some help to make it all work....

    Followed the instructions for setting my servo IDs which worked fine, so I guess I'm in the right place.

    I am a member of London Hackspace where they have a new robotics group starting up next month, they also have a couple of nice robot arms staubli style to play with...

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    ahuja_s Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone, I am Sudhanshu. I live in Singapore and have an electronics prototyping start-up. I am myself very new to electronics and lean on others to help me with the technicalities. I am looking to learn more very fast. Also hope to be a productive addition to the community! Cheers.

  5. Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi Folks,

    I'm a software engineer working on hobby robots with my daughter. We used NXT mindstorms for several years and built just about everything possible with it (programmed in C). Now we're looking to expand our robot horizons.

    Awesome forum you have here! Been hanging out for a while, and reading many, many posts. I'm hoping I can draw on the
    collective expertise to help get me started working with more in-depth with robotics.


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    AjayLewis Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    I Guy's I am a embedded design guy with interests in machine automation and robotics. I started off in 1996 making guitar processor pedals , these were way to expensive in India then. I have been design motion control Plc's and drive's . What started of as a passion for guitar, is now my life. I use C#/Open GL for front end 3D rendering. This is a great community..

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    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone. My name is Brent. I have been collecting robots since I was a kid. I started off years ago with a Tomy Verbot. Since then I have had numerous Wowwee bots, Isobot, Robophilo and a Robobuilder Creator 5710. I also love model trains in my past time.

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    !!valentinoman Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hey guys, just joined this forum as I am learning robotics and trying to get a degree

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    Primyterious Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Although I log on as primyterious my name is Steve Brown. Around the hacker space I go by then monicker of Techno-Mage or some such.
    I Repair and test avionics test equipment for work but have been into electronics and computers ever since I got my grubby hands on them.
    Its my mothers fault she gave me telescopes, microscopes and chemistry sets for presents. I guess that makes me a life-long techno geek.
    Right now I am finishing up a delta robot type 3D printer. Next is a 3D scanner, and then a machine shop. After that who knows? I lurk
    a lot but have found some nice tutorials so far here. Look forward to more fun.
    Steve B.

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    Vikingsraven Guest

    Re: Introduce yourself!

    Hi, my names mark.
    Worked in the past on Film and TV, Props, animatronics and robotics. Some of the things ive worked on include Robot Wars Uk, Spitting Image, Techno Games, James Bond, Batman. Also worked as an engineer at Tussauds, and off shore on Underwater ROVs for SAAB Seaeye and Hallin Marine.
    Been away from it for a while now and finally technology is catching up with my ideas.
    Having said that im now doing a lot of rework on old wwii radio sets, suppose it sort of fits in with the steampunk and wwii re-enacting.
    had look around the site the other day , some very good and interesting project to look into.
    Got a lot of catching up to do!

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