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Thread: Cosmos - New OS on the market

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    Cosmos - New OS on the market

    Has anyone seen/read about this yet?

    an Open Source C# based operating system (not written by Microsoft, but rather a former employee of Microsoft) that can run on things like the Wii, OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) and iPhone?!? This sounds really interesting...

    Cosmos - C# Open Source Managed Operating System

    pretty creative.

    Also, they mention something that Microsoft Research Division has been working on that I have not heard a single thing about till now:


    Too bad it's only being sent to Universities

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    Re: Cosmos - New OS on the market

    Nvm, see my PM.
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    Both look like interesting projects. There is also

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    Lookey-lookey, speaking of Singularity, apparently MS just released it as open source under an academic license.

    First learned of this today on Slashdot.

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