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Thread: Software Cracking

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    Software Cracking

    Disclaimer: This software is not to be used for illegal purposes! Neither I nor Trossen Robotics nor RIBO Labs is responsible for what you do! Use at your own risk! You control what you do! I am writing this software for legal use only!!! If you want cracking software for illegal purposes do NOT read this!!!

    I am working on a powerful software code cracking software, which currently uses random numbers and letters to salve the code.

    What else should I include in it?

    Dell Studio XPS Desktop, Windows Vista, 12 GB RAM, 2x 500 GB SATA RAID0 HDD, Intel i7 2.66Ghz Quad Core (4 cores, 8 virtual cores). The power that's needed... plus some!

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    Re: Software Cracking

    A way for your Bioloid to have robot sex with his snowboard.

  3. Re: Software Cracking

    You mean like a brute force password cracker?

    A) That's already been done.

    B) We don't need this nonsense in the TR forums. The end.
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