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Thread: Frameless Laser Harp with microcontroller

  1. Re: Frameless Laser Harp with microcontroller

    I really appreciate the detailed description, as I'm sure everyone else does. That's a beautiful machine you've built. I'm especially impressed by all the precise timing involved. That must have required some very efficient coding.

    It's funny that you used the Arduino, because I was just doing some research last week on how to build a MIDI controller around that board. I'm more interested in sliders, knobs, and triggers, though; not something quite as ambitious as this . Anyhow, good work!
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    I got mentioned on the blog yesterday, and I've had 12 emails and 2 phone calls asking about it.

    So I got off my butt and put together a site about building it - I'll be posting schematics and code their as soon as I can.


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    Re: Frameless Laser Harp with microcontroller

    Does it play a note when the beam is broken?

    Does it vary the pitch based on hand position in the beam?

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    It plays note on/note off when your hand scatters and reflects the light of a beam within the field of view of the sensor on the floor - so you don't have to break the beam completely to make it play.

    The amount of reflected light is also measured and this can be applied to pitch bend or to filter sweep, or any other MIDI continuous controller message. So by moving your hand along the beam you can modulate the sound.

    At the moment this is a non linear relationship, and needs some more work, and I will be improving on the original design in the coming weeks.
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    A local arts paper (NUVO) came by yesterday to talk to me about the harp and some of the other instruments I've been working on.

    We got some better pictures...

    (That's me suckin' in the gut, and lookin' enigmatic )

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    Re: Frameless Laser Harp with microcontroller

    You should take it to your local DORKBOT meeting.

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    Now that's braggin' rights! Great job ... nice sharp pic's for your scrapbook.

    Maybe you can do an article go with the pics ...

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    This made for some fun listening at about 13:30...

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    Re: Frameless Laser Harp with microcontroller

    They already stole your idea!!!!! Bastards.

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    Arrow Re: Frameless Laser Harp with microcontroller

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt View Post
    Wow, great project. I heard that those TAOS sensors were discontinued and that they were just going to sell out the remaining batch. I've always wanted Phidgets to make a board using those. I don't know how big the market would be for them, but they would be cool. You can make laser harps and M&M sorters!
    Have you seen this Color Light Sensor ?? It looks really cool and the output is all digital. I plan to get one of the breakout boards.

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