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Thread: USB 2.0 MIDI mixer, with MicroSD drive

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    USB 2.0 MIDI mixer, with MicroSD drive

    Just thought I would post this up, Im currently waiting for a quote on some plastic parts for the buttons, I have the face plate already, ill also post some pics of it. I did every thing for this, My original firmware was actually adapted for the MIDI demo Microchip now offers. Perhaps I give my self to much credit, they probably waited to release theirs until I finished mine Theirs actually works better, many thanks for their efforts.
    Designed the PCB, even made a reflow oven to make the second one (which includes the Microsd drive) Apparently there's a 6500$ licensing fee so I avoid posting pics of the one with it on.

    Composite Audio device / MSD firmware with usb bootloader for firmware updates.
    Browse: Supercheap Catalogue and Aldi Catalogue on Catalogue AU.
    Confirmed working on PC , Linux , and a friend is writing me some MAC drivers now.

    Ps im planning on making a Rosewood case , but want the buttons done first. Im a cabinet maker too , well was.

    [ame=""]YouTube- homemade USB MIDI mixer prototype demo[/ame]

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