I have this tank, and made a rc controller out of a wireless ps2 controller and an arduino nano.
The fan is from a server.

The vacuum part is made in a couple of hours.
The tank is not made for this, so the weight distrubution is no good.
But som how, its works quite well.
I concider to design a new vehicle to be a vacuum cleaner.
On that one i wish a hight control as well.



// *X-button = Servo not in use ment for hight adjustment
// *Square-button = RGB off
// *Triangle-button = beep
// *Circle-Button = Free
// *Start-button = start controller
// *Select-button = Hold select and use r1/r2 l1/l2 to trim L/R Belt
// *Pad-up = Relay on
// *Pad-down = Relay off
// *Pad-Left = Free
// *Pad-right = Free
// *L1 = Cam left
// *R1 = Cam Right
// *L1-R1 = Cam centre
// *L2 = free /used for trim when hold select
// *R2 = free /used for trim when hold select
// *L3 = change control mode