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    Honorablemention The Bratinator Project

    Here is my project submission:

    I have always wanted to build my own biped robot ever since I saw the Honda robot. My biped uses 3deg. of freedom per leg and is equipped with fully functioning arms and grippers. What's unique about this project; the billet aluminum head that I designed and had custom machined. Like the arms and gripper, the head was designed to be fully functional as well. For example, the eye sockets are 16.3mm I.D. so I can mount Parallax's PING sensors in the head chassis. I have done this already by desoldering the sensors from the board using lengths of 26 gauge wires to resolder the sensors back to the board, which allows me to mount the sensor board in any location I choose. It worked fine, however, there was interference with the bridge of the nose. To fix this problem, I need to machine custom tubes to evenly shroud the sensors.


    The aluminum head also has the following features:

    - 10mm holes on each side to mount two electret microphones for sensing sound in its

    Software testing of the ears:

    Lexan Servo Bracket, custom designed and laser cut. Thanks Lynxmotion.

    Video showing sound sensing and SpeakJet working together:

    - 36mm mylar speaker pocket designed to mount a speaker in the underside of the head

    The custom Robotic sensor board that controls sound sensors, PING, SpeakJet, and memsic tilt sensor. Unfortunately, this board was toasted due to my carelessness. I reversed polarity on the power leads and a new board needs to be built.

    Now for the videos:

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