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Thread: Project of robotic Arm with dynamixel motors

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    Re: Project of robotic Arm with dynamixel motors

    I tried to answer in the other thread. As I mentioned there, it was difficult to answer without additional information.

    With this thread, I will assume you have programmed the board before, so you have Arduino and hardware folder installed.

    Again check to make sure your Arduino board type is correctly set.

    Try unplugging everything from your board (except power and FTDI cable). Again assuming you are using FTDI cable to program your board and not USB AVR programmer (personally I recommend using these).

    If you have some form of Volt meter try checking to make sure you have voltages in different places. Check jumper settings.

    Do you have a different FTDI cable you can try. One of mine that came with a PhantomX failed. This one was a combination XBee and FTDI cable. I think it was one of these ( I instead use one of these:

    Again hard to say. But again try unplugging everything as maybe there is a short on one of the Servos, or ...

  2. Re: Project of robotic Arm with dynamixel motors

    Thank you KurtEck again!

    As I say to you in the other thread, yesterday I managed to get it working by downloading the arbotix libraries again and also downloading and updating the drivers for the cable connection.

    I do not know what the sudden error should be but it's already solved, thanks anyway!

    I will continue with my project from today!


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