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Thread: Recommended robotics forums

  1. Recommended robotics forums

    Apart from this excellent forum, what other public forums do you recommend to people who are at a 'medium level of experience or knowledge '.
    Sorry I use such a vague term, but ... there seems to be many forums for school kids - nothing wrong with that at all,
    but ... which forums are available that can provide technical information to DIY hobbyists who have progressed to a medium level of capability but want to get slightly more detailed technical answers or provide details / suggestions that they have ?

    This site is one, but can you advise about other good forums ?

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Recommended robotics forums

    Good question!

    I used to say that this forum was a great place. But these days it is pretty quiet. There are still a few old time regulars that come up here and try to answer things.

    Likewise there were lots of us who were active on the Lynxmotion forums, before it was sold to RobotShop. RobotShop also has forums, but I have not checked them out in awhile.

    These days I spend most of my time up on the PJRC forums, but this is related to doing a lot of stuff with their micro-controllers.

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    Re: Recommended robotics forums

    I usually check here a few times a day, but have not been making noteworthy progress on any of my projects recently because of continuing depression and unemployment limiting my focus and funds.

    Not sure about any other communities containing many members with mid to high level robotics knowledge that are not focused almost entirely on R/C combots. Many graduate students in the US tend to be focused on just surviving, so their main interactions tend to be through email or personal blogs. reddit probably has a few sections with knowledgeable members, but I'm not willing to wade through the filth to try to find them.
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    Re: Recommended robotics forums

    You can try, although I find that the tool-specific stack exchanges (mechanical engineer, electric engineering, software engineering) give better quality answers sometimes.

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