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Thread: Outdoor Robot Design - Wheels, Motor, Driver

  1. Outdoor Robot Design - Wheels, Motor, Driver


    I want to design and build an outdoor robot that can move across a flat lawn and carry a payload weighing about 10 – 15 Kg. Can you advise me regarding which parts might be suitable ?

    Here’s further information about the basic concept;-
    Overall weight about 15 Kg. Ground clearance at least 4 cm. Speed very slow (0.5 m/sec is OK). Payload platform area about 300 sq cm ( I expect to buy a sheet of thin aluminium and shape that ).
    Controlled by a Rashberry Pi or Arduino.

    I think what makes this robot concept different to many is the weight and the ground clearance.

    Could you advise me … what wheels, motors and motor driver would be suitable ?
    I think the motor torque will be important, given the weight and I can't find suitable sized wheels.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Outdoor Robot Design - Wheels, Motor, Driver

    You are basically going to be looking for parts for a 30lbs class or 60lbs class combat robot or a FIRST robot, but requiring far less powerful motors and motor controllers since you do not need the speed to outmaneuver and overpower other robots. Banebots tends to be a very popular source for gearboxes, but AndyMark also produces some decent gearboxes and mechanical components. Plenty of hobbyking motors and motor controllers can be very useful when mated to a banebots gearbox, and many of their motor controllers can be reprogrammed with custom firmware.

    Robotmarketplace has a wide selection of wheels:
    My last large rover project used $6 harborfreight 10-in. pneumatic tires and custom hubs, but it was a much heavier multipurpose outdoor robot dealing with rather steep hills throughout my yard.
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    Re: Outdoor Robot Design - Wheels, Motor, Driver

    I use 1/5th scale RC car wheels; they're about 7 inches (18 cm( around, so about 7 cm ground clearance depending on axle/motor mount.

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