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Thread: How to connect 2 OpenCM9.04 wirelessly ?

  1. How to connect 2 OpenCM9.04 wirelessly ?

    Dear folks,

    Happy to join Trossen Robotics community. I'm working on a project involving 2 robotis OpenCM boards and I need them to talk to each other wirelessly.
    I was considering using zigbee or bluetooth but I'm not sure which product I should buy and if it can work : I didn't see any information of that use case on Robotis support platform.

    I'm also wondering about the pairing setup.

    Thanks in advance for your help, I'd really appreciate to read your advice !

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    Re: How to connect 2 OpenCM9.04 wirelessly ?

    For Zigbee, you can buy the Xbee Series 2 modules. You need two modules, one for each OpenCM. You also need some kind of break-out board to adapt the 2mm pin headers on the Xbee units to something that you can wire into the OpenCM boards.

  3. Re: How to connect 2 OpenCM9.04 wirelessly ?

    Hi Jwatte,

    Thanks a lot for your answer. From what I understood can you confirm that both xbee modules should be connected to openCM UART ? What about the process of pairing the xbee modules, is it done automatically or should I make any pre-configuration ?

    Best regards

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    Re: How to connect 2 OpenCM9.04 wirelessly ?

    You can configure the Xbees either by talking to them from the OpenCM UART, or by using some other serial adapter and talking to them from a PC.
    I suggest you get the manual for the Xbees and read through it to make sure that they will solve the problem that you want to solve.

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