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Thread: Linux and Phidgets

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    Question Linux and Phidgets

    I know that Phidgets can be used well in Windows, which doesn't interest me. However, there are also APIs to allow Phidgets to be used in Linux, which definitely does interest me.

    Are the APIs for Linux much the same as the APIs for Linux?

    Is there anyone here currently using Phidgets with Linux?

    Right now I am primarily interested in the sensory aspects of Phidgets. So far, I have the environmental interaction part being handled by a Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo controller and a Dimension Engineering Sabertooth 2x5 motor controller. Right now I mostly need more analog inputs to handle things like Sharp IR Ranging sensors, accelerometers (up to 3-axis), etc.

    This will probably not be the last Linux related thread I start here.

    How well does Linux work with Phidgets?

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    Re: Linux and Phidgets

    The API for Linux and Windows is the same for the C-libraries.

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