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Thread: Open CM9.04 - How to connect to AX (or MX) servos?

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    Re: Open CM9.04 - How to connect to AX (or MX) servos?

    If you're making your own board, you should make a board for a Teensy 3.2, not an OpenCM, in my opinion.
    (Well, that's what I've been doing :-)

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    Re: Open CM9.04 - How to connect to AX (or MX) servos?

    Thanks Jwatte,

    As you probably know, I totally agree with you and what I have been doing as well.

    But trying to see how hard it would be to come up with a reasonably off the shelf setup that one could use to hypothetically build the Hexaod without using the Arbotix board as the controller. So trying to replace it's functionality.

    So if I were not going to build a complete custom board maybe something like:

    A) open CM9 board: Could use 904A board and solder in AX/MX connectors, but assume not...
    B) XL to AX Servo cable - Have not found one available - but not hard to make..
    C) Use the Trossen Powered HUB - plug above cable into it. This gives you both the AX servo connectors and a power connection. May need second one for Hexapod

    D) XBee holder: Could us a stock Sparkfun one and then add on connector wires like

    Or maybe a simple XBee board with JST ST type connector: Here is a quick and dirty version I setup in diptrace...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	XBEE-JST.jpg 
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    Then use a cable to plug into the Serial2 connector on board. Maybe something like:

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