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Thread: Newbie question: Digital vs Analog Servos

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    Question Newbie question: Digital vs Analog Servos

    Ok, forgive me for being new at this... What does a digital servo get you that analog doesn't. Simply this: what's the pros/cons of digital vs analog servos???

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    Re: Newbie question: Digital vs Analog Servos

    I've noticed (although I'm not sure if this is across the board) that digital servos tend to have a much higher torque rating than analog. Downside of digital is that you can't send them a pulse signal to turn them "off", at least not with my experience with Phidgets and digital servos.

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    Re: Newbie question: Digital vs Analog Servos

    Digital is supposed to have a higher precision and repeatability than analog servos. As Alex mentioned, they also usually have more torque.

    Most digital servos also do not need to be "refreshed". That is, you send them one pulse, and they will hold that position as long as they have power. I know is true for my 5645s. However, I have noticed that the 5990s will let the servo shaft go loose if a pulse has been missing for more then a few seconds (I assume this was a safety feature, due to their excessive torque).

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