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Thread: Best Microcontroller at Trossen Robotics

  1. Best Microcontroller at Trossen Robotics

    What is the most popular microcontroller at Trossen Robotics, not including the Raspberry Pi?

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    Re: Best Microcontroller at Trossen Robotics

    Best? Popular? Are you asking what is probably the best selling ones at Trossen or what do the different people up here like to use? Also may depend on usage? Like are you wanting to control AX/MX TTL servos? RS485 Servos? or ???

    Ones that Trossen makes (or made)

    My guess is the one with the most sales is the Arbotix-m - As this is what ships with most of their kits. Arbotix-m is a pretty limited 16mhz AVR 8 bit processor, with only two Usarts. Support? The official Arduino software support is still back in the Ice age (1.0.6)

    Arbotix-Pro: Not sure if they are still making. I personally would not recommend unless you needed it specifically for something, as it is costly, plus you can not update the software on it, unless you purchase a hardware programmer and adapter for another $50...

    What micro-controllers do I like to use? I am partial to Teensy boards (PJRC) like the T3.2 or the newer 3.5 or 3.6. Why? the Teensy boards are ARM based, with more memory, speed, Usarts, ... There is a large user base on the forums and they are well supported.

    However you need to do something to connect the Teensy to a AX servo. Can be as simple as a simple cable from TX pin to the data pin of the servos...

    OpenCM 9.04

    Again I like Teensy boards, but the OpenCM boards are not bad. They are Arm M3 boards, have 4 usarts so you can can connect up to USB, plus other things... They now have Arduino IDE support which is nice. There is a minor issue that the current 9.04C boards do not have any AX/MX servo connectors on them. Several ways to deal with this as I talked about in different thread.

    I will soon have a version of the Phoenix code base for the OpenCM. Actually I have some code up on github that I am currently debugging.
    Which has a vesion of my AX16 servo test, plus a version of the Phantom_Phoenix code that I have done a first pass at porting over to their libraries and I am debugging...


    Again You have not stated what your goal is here for the micro-controller. If you simply want to talk to connect a set of servos to a PC or linux board and run on the smarts on the host board, these are the simplest way to handle it.

    So best one?


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