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Thread: Three Legged Robot

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    Three Legged Robot

    Mostly placeholder post, while I work on things.

    First attempt at walking, before I was able to get it kicking off with a leg:

    After much tweaking in SEQ, I was finally able to figure out where the robot needed to be to have a controlled kick and fall. At this point then the robot could actually walk:

    The (hopefully) last FK sequence I do.

    Plenty of time to work on the bot before the contest ends!! Of course, if the real world lets me...
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    Re: Three Legged Robot

    Looking pretty good. keep up the good work.

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    Re: Three Legged Robot

    I love the rotation for balance and traction of the rear leg. What a great concept!

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    reminds me of this for some reason

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    Tripedal locomotion doesn't get nearly enough attention, even though it seems to have a lot of potential. It's much more efficient than bipedal walking, because you devote less energy to balancing; and more efficient than 4 or more legs because you have fewer actuators to power, and also less computing overhead for gait calculations. I love the tripod that was developed at Virginia Tech recently:

    New to the TR Community? Feel free to introduce yourself and show off your projects!

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    Wow that looks pretty impressive best of luck.

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