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Thread: Suggested charge settings for LIPO batteries that Trossen sells.

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    Suggested charge settings for LIPO batteries that Trossen sells.

    As I am going to soon see if my PhantomX hexapod will walk using the OpenCM board I am going through my Lipo batteries, which have mostly sat around for a year or two or... I need to go through them and check each one and see which ones to try to recharge and which ones to dispose of...

    As per other threads, if the cells are bellow 3v they are suspect.

    I have a couple of the chargers the Trossen sells (Imax B6) and was wondering what settings are some of you using for charging some of the Trossen Batteries.

    Most of my batteries are: (or earlier versions).
    For these I have typically used balance charge at 2.2 amp.

    For example, when the MK3 came out I purchased one of these:

    Yesterday I tried charging this one using the same settings of 2.2 amp. But was wondering if I should instead use maybe something like 4.5 amp?

    Yesterday the battery did not appear to want to fully balance out. That is the cell voltages during the charge looked something like: 4.2, 4.11, 3.82 Not sure how much of a problem that is?

    In addition I know I should probably go through all of the lipo batteries and either dispose of the bad ones and storage charge the others.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Re: Suggested charge settings for LIPO batteries that Trossen sells.

    For a battery I have recently used and are just re-charging, I'll use 2C unless there's a really good reason to believe the battery can't take it. (And, with 3 Ah and above batteries, my charger can only get to 5A anyway.)
    For a battery that's been sitting for a while, or has seen a lot of use, I'll run a balance charge at 1C every five-ten times or so.
    As long as the battery doesn't get warm or poofy, you're good.

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    Re: Suggested charge settings for LIPO batteries that Trossen sells.

    Thanks @jwatte,

    Now to go check out all of those batteries.

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