I'm trying to use Pincher arm and Kinetic ROS. When I played with "pick and place" demo I observed weird behavior.

Default version works fine all the time, but when I move/resize obstacles the demo can fail sometimes. Whats weird for me is a fact that success/failure rate here looks very random. The arm can easily avoid obstacles in quite difficult settings, but for example when I resize box witch stands between "pick" and "place" goals from 3cm to 6cm in height it fails all the time - but thats probably the easiest obstacle to avoid, it requires only to move arm a little higher...

I have a theory why it works like that - maybe its because Pincher is only 4DOF arm (so it cannot reproduce every path from planner) AND maybe because of that issue: https://github.com/turtlebot/turtlebot_arm/issues/12.
Looks like "official" Ros package for this arm use outdated IK solver from turtlebot arm.

Do you know that I'm right/wrong or maybe you have another idea why that demo behaves like that? If you want from me to do some tests and provide a logs, just let me know what to check.

Thanks in advance