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Thread: ESP32 Support ?

  1. ESP32 Support ?

    Hi there, trying to port over some robots to the esp32 platform but cant seem to find any libraries for it yet.

    Anyone know of either a) ideas for how to do it b) an actual library for the esp32 that can control dynamixel servos?

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    Re: ESP32 Support ?

    Most of the libraries for the Dynamixels are split in two parts; one is for "talking to the serial port to make it do the RS-485 single duplex thing," and one is for "formatting Dynamixel-format byte buffers for packets."
    Generally, the serial port bit is very small and isolated to a few functions. You should be able to take any existing dynamixel library, take out the serial port functions, and re-implement them for whatever the ESP32 wants as a replacement.

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