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Thread: Power Regulator Circuit Question for AX12a to XL-320

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    Power Regulator Circuit Question for AX12a to XL-320


    I have a bunch of AX-12As that I need to chain to XL-320s. I found this thread which says I can make a simple circuit with an SR05S7V2 but it is sold out and difficult to get in the US. Does anyone know of an alternative regulator that I can get or a existing product I can purchase to chain the servos together?

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    Re: Power Regulator Circuit Question for AX12a to XL-320

    I made some small converter boards for AX12 to XL-320 with a pair of each connector type and the SR05S7V2, but never populated them since I never wound up using any XL-320 in my bots. I seem to recall other stating that the newer XL-320 firmware uses the DXL2.0 protocol, so cannot be used seamlessly with AX-12 servos (must create one sync_write packet in DXL1.x for AX servos on the buss and a second sync_write packet in DXL2.x for XL-320 servos on the buss).

    Digikey has currently an estimated ship date of 1/27 for the SR05S7V2, but still ~$6 each ( Any cheap linear regulator in the TO-220 package/pinout would work just as well for a couple of XL-320 since they do not draw much current, although the 7V~7.5V range is not very common for fixed voltage regulators. The sequence of VIN/GND/VOUT is standard for the TO-220 linear 78xxx regulator, but which way the pins are arranged relative to the package can vary (some may have VIN/GND/VOUT as pins 1/2/3, or pins 3/2/1, respectively) which is usually not a big deal if you double check the polarity before wiring things up.

    A quick search of digikey produced several results in TO-220 package that should be in a pin-compatible with the SR05S7V2:
    STM's L78S75CV -
    Rohm's BA17807T / BA78M07CP / BA07CC0T / BA7807CP / etc.
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