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Thread: I'm selling Onyx X

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    I'm selling Onyx X

    Onyx X is a great robot. I wish I had the time to give it love, but I don't. Work and family is just getting to be too much (and then there's the robocar racing, too!)

    Onyx X is 14 MX-64T servos, a bunch of custom milled aluminum and lasercut Delrin (very tough plastic,) and a lot of control circuitry going around it, including an OpenCM 9.04 on board, a full set of 2014 era scoring system / target boards, airsoft gun, two (!) remote video cameras and transmitters (one narrow view for aiming, one wide view for walking,) as well as a custom control case with display, Raspberry Pi, Xbox controller, XBee 900 Pro, and so forth.

    All of this goes into two sturdy Pelican cases.

    Of course, when I took it out of the case, it refused to walk this morning, but the gun actuated, so comms is good. I hooked up the USB2Dynamixel, and each servo can be talked to, so the problem may be somewhere in the wiring or OpenCM board. I'll need to figure this out.
    (Of course, I'm selling this because I don't have time to figure these things out anymore, and I need to figure out why it doesn't walk, so ... yeah ... )

    The new price for a MX-64T is $299 plus tax, so the servos alone are $3,500. (I'm a private person, I don't charge tax if you happen to be in California.)
    The surrounding peripherals (did I mention the 4S 5000 mAh battery, or the 10" diversity receiver 5 GHz video display? The original Xbox 360 controller?) and the cases add a lot of cost, too. That being said, nobody will pay full price for this, so I'm thinking $3000 for the lot, ground shipping to continental US. I take bitcoin, ether, and cash :-)

    This thing is fast! I took the bronze medal at Robogames last year, and the main limitation was that I hadn't practiced nearly as much as the R-Team folks. If you get this and practice, I expect great things from you!

    (I probably should take glory pictures of this kit, too ...)

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    Re: I'm selling Onyx X

    Thinking about it, it's probably easier to just sell the servos, with horns.
    There are 14 servos (I think I have a couple of spares, too) and they are all MX-64T in good condition.
    New price is $299 each + tax; selling them for $215 each (private sale, no tax.)
    Shipping is $15 to anywhere the USPS delivers, no matter how many/few you buy.
    If you want the Pelicans and 'bot brackets and so forth, let's talk.
    I check in here every few days; you can also PM me on the forums!

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