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Thread: Junk Bot Challenge

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    Talking Junk Bot Challenge

    I've been looking at pics of peoples workshops, and thinking about a post I think I saw recently, and all the "junk" I have laying around. Would anyone be up for a user based junk bot contest of sorts. Not an official contest or anything, but just for fun.

    In anycase, it would be neat to see what people come up with. I guess the spending limit would have to be $20 and you can only use things in your shop already, or in a dump/junk yard. I guess documentation of where everything came from/what it was originally intended for would be necessary...

    I'm not sure who would judge...maybe we could set up some sort of vote or something...

    In anycase...just an idea.

    DB here are links to all of the entrys. One problem is that some are posted in multiple places...mine for example has a spot on this page, and in my blog.





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