I've been watching the development of different Linux based phone operating systems.. Two of these Android and the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP). ALP is the foundation for GarnetOS, the newest, used in the latest Palm handhelds and cell phones.

The thing that really caught my interest is when I had to find a replacement for my cell phone. I searched through all the phones AT&T offers currently, and only two really stood out - the Samsung Blackjack II and the AT&T Tilt. Yes, I know these are both Windows Mobile 6 phones. but this is not what interests me so much as the fact that at least the Blackjack II has a processor capable of running Linux.

I ended up getting the Samsung BlackJack II, purely because I couldn't quite afford an AT&T Tilt. The Blackjack II use the TI OMAP 1710, which is capable of running Linux. Since this processor can run Linux, it seems like there would be other possibilities here. Of course, to actually run Linux on something like a Blackjack II, it's going to require some reverse engineering, which might be a very major effort.

So, I'm wondering if ALP or Android might be usable for robotics.. Android seems to have the most potential, being fully Open Source.

Anyone for a robot that can phone home?