I have a question regarding my Kondo KHR-3HV robot received 4 days ago. I followed the instructions manual to assemble the robot up to "Neutral Position Confirmation" step.

I checked wiring multiple times. Fully charged the battery. Set Dual USB Adapter to "Serial" mode. I also used
1. I installed H2H v2.3 from the CDROM to my Windows 7 machine.
2. I create the "Neutral Position" project by importing sample project "ニュートラル(KHR-3HV)(Ver.2.3)" from the CDROM.
3. On project window, I set Com Boudrate: 1250000, ICS Boudrate: 115200, I see LED2 turns on.
- When I click Green LED, LED2 turns off. When I clicked it again, LED2 turns on.
4. When I click on the RAM robot does not move at all. The progress bar at the bottom stays at one place "04 00 06 0A".

(I already purchased Dynamixel servos from TrossenRobotics for my forthcoming hexapod. Even though I didn't buy my Kondo from here, I'm hoping someone could help me solving my problem)

Thank you!