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Thread: Pincher kit feedback

  1. Pincher kit feedback

    Hi - just put my Pincher together, went smoothly, I'm very pleased with it.

    I had a bit of kit-feedback, just in case it is useful:

    1 - The unplated 2mm nuts in the Pincher kit sometimes took a lot (really quite a lot) of force to fit into the AX-12s. I only worked out halfway through that the plated nuts supplied with the AX12s were a much better fit and went in with sensible force. Might be good to mention that in the otherwise-excellent instructions.

    2 - The tube of Turbo Fuse in the kit had turned to jelly. I used a tiny amount of generic cyano as a substitute. We'll see if that was a good idea when I first have to take it apart... :-)

    3 - One of the instructions referred to bolts that were not in the kit or the little parts list at the start of the section:
    "Mount the Upper Deck to the Lower Deck using the standoff assemblies using 8 x M3*10 bolts."
    I used M3*8, works fine.

    4 - The gripper linkage arms needed a bit of flash cleanup from the holes before the bushes would fit, again might be worth mentioning in the instructions.

    Hope that helps, thanks again for an awesome arm!


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    Re: Pincher kit feedback

    I also just complete a Pincher assembly and agree with Jarkman about the 2mm nuts. Didn't realized the other bag was unplated and would fit better. My workaround was to use a pair of plumbing channel locks to carefully press the nuts into the AX12's. Also agree with comment 3 and 4. I had a hard time threading the bolts into the gripper linkage bushings using the right angle 1.5mm wrench and the straight wrench supplied had a damaged end. Only got them to thread when I got a new straight 1.5mm wrench

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