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Thread: Adventures with a VR Glove

  1. Adventures with a VR Glove

    I was lucky enough to be sent the VR Glove device that the Trossen team had finished with a couple of weeks ago. My brief was to create a musical application for the glove.

    I thought it was about time I started a post documenting what I'd been up to so far...

    When the glove arrived I tested all the sensors and found that two of the touch sensors were cracked and not 100% operational. I tried to salvage them with some carefully placed soldering, but soon realised that I was going to have order replacements.

    These arrived and I fitted them.

    I started to look into the software, and this is where the problems arose. It seems at the moment the Phidgets driver won't let me open more than one device at a time. However I try to code it the subsequent calls to open() always block. I declared "Shenanigans!" on the Phidget driver and the guys promised to fix it in the next release.

    This is documented here.

    It's my goal to just use the glove sensors to make an instrument you can play - none of this "experimental" or "algorithmic" music that I see so often in other projects. I want someone to be able to put this on and play a tune.

    Luckily I've been playing around with various Theremin like devices and I'm leaning towards this kind of thing. The accelerometers seem quite accurate, and so I'm going to try using these for pitch selection.

    More to come...
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  2. Re: Adventures with a VR Glove

    OK, I managed to code around the driver issue today and get the basic MIDI toolkit working.

    2 controls - one that handles all the glove functions and another that processes MIDI events.

    As you can see in the picture I'm getting the touch sensors to trigger note on/off messages. It's not 100% at the moment and I'm learning more about the sensors every day.

    Once the toolkit application is fully implemented I'm going to look into how I can script Ableton Live to do some fun things with the MIDI data...

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    Re: Adventures with a VR Glove

    Nice work Shobley, I wondered how you would implement those gloves into your music. Thanks for sharing.
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