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Thread: Issues connecting Odroid XU4 to Arbotix Pro

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    Re: Issues connecting Odroid XU4 to Arbotix Pro

    With servos respond inconsistently, it is usually caused by a power supply and/or cabling issue. The only time I've had an issue with a CM-730/Arbotix-Pro was occasional refusal to even appear as a USB device when it was used in a DARwIn-OP, but that was almost certainly caused by the fit-pc2i in that DARwIn-OP since the issue occurred on only one bot but with two different CM-730 and three different usb cables.
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    Re: Issues connecting Odroid XU4 to Arbotix Pro

    Agree with Tician,

    I would also check to see if it is always consistently missing the same item, I believe in the case you showed was #10. Or is it semi random.

    Again if it were me, I would try to use a Logic Analyzer to see if the servo is not responding at all or if it maybe responded but data was corrupted, or data was slow and the the code had already started to try to send for the next servo id...

    If it was always missing one or more, I would start looking to see if one or more servos reset to ID#1, but does not sound like it here

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