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Thread: A big "Thank You!"

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    Re: A big "Thank You!"

    Although I haven't had the HAL tag in weeks - it was "T1000" - where've you been?
    Well, if you must know I have been out busting my rear to pay for robot parts!
    Don't worry Matt ... you will get most of it!!!

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    Re: A big "Thank You!"

    Well, that's ok then. You're [mostly] forgiven.
    I Void Warranties´┐Ż

  3. Re: A big "Thank You!"

    I know someday I will be purchasing a whole load of robotic parts and I will only buy them from here

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    Re: A big "Thank You!"

    I know this is probably a little late, but I too want to thank the Trossen team, not only for exceptional customer service in their store, but also for this fantastic site... It is my MAIN reason for even getting involved in robotics, (and Robot Magazine of course...) I have only been a member of this site for a little while, and all I can say this is the place to be... also the chatroom is awesome as well... I am proud to be part of the community...

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