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Thread: Intermediate Robot Building?

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    Intermediate Robot Building?

    Hello to all.

    Now that I have built a kit sumo I want to move on to a home made sumo. I want to build the electronics myself so I need a book that can help me with it. That's when I stumbled upon Intermediate robot building. Did anyone of you read this book.

    I saw that the chapters delt with motor controllers, a microcontoller, mechanics and sensors.

    Waht did you guys think of it? Does it explain well? Should I buy it or another book?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Intermediate Robot Building?

    I'm not familiar with that book, but you might also want to check out "The Robot Builder's Bonanza". I just received it a couple days ago as a gift. I didn't expect I'd find anything of too much interest in it, but I'm going to end-up reading it cover to cover. It's chock full of useful tidbits.
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    Re: Intermediate Robot Building?

    The robot builder's bonanza is actually the second book i bought on robotics (first one was "odour detection for mobile robots" i kid you not)
    I highly recommend it, lots of info both for the beginner, intermediate, and even the advanced roboticist will have moments going "ah, that's a good approach to that issue!"

    But as usual, i don't really have an answer to your question and am once again posting a completely useless piece of text

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    Re: Intermediate Robot Building?

    Thanks for the information!

    I was just wondering waht you guys thought of that book because there isn't one copy at any bookstore in my 5+ million city... I wanted to go check out the book see if I wanted to buy it. I guess I'm going to have to buy it off the net and hope it's going to talk about waht I want it to.

    See ya!

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    Re: Intermediate Robot Building?

    Yeah, not even a TOC on Amazon... 10 x 5* reviews, 1 x 4* reviews for 100% - people seem to like it!

    A reviewer on Amazon posted a TOC:

    Table of Contents:
    Ch 1: Assembling a Modular Robot
    *Building Modules
    *Getting comfortable with machining
    *Putting it all together
    *Applying parts and techniques to other robots
    Ch 2: Comparing Two Types of Homemade Motor Couples and Common Errors to Avoid
    *Comparing two homeade coupler technologies
    *Identifying desired results in coupler drill holes along with common errors + effects
    *Getting ready to make a solid-rod coupler
    Ch 3: Making a Fixture and Drilling Solid Rods for a Coupler
    *Gathering Tools and Parts
    *Preparing lengths of solid rod for the couplers
    *Making a coupler fixture
    *Getting the money shot
    *Drilling the motor-shaft and Lego axle coupler holes
    *Examining the coupler so far
    Ch 4: Finishing the Solid-Rod Motor Coupler
    *Installing the coupler setscrew
    *Adding the Lego Axle
    Ch 5: Building a Motor Inside a Wheel
    *Encountering danger: bent shafts ahead
    *Making a hub-adapter coupler
    Ch 6: Understanding the Standards and Setup for Electronic Experiments
    *Reading schematics
    *Using solderless breadboards
    *Understanding oscilloscope traces
    *Riding the bandwagon of modern electronics
    Ch 7: Creating a Linear Voltage-Regulated Power Supply
    *Understanding Voltage Regulators
    *Understanding Linear Voltage-Regulated Power Supplies
    *Heading into Optimizations
    Ch 8: Making Robot Power Supply Improvements
    *Bulking up the input and output capacitors
    *Adding voodoo capacitors
    *Sprinkling with bypass/decoupling capacitors
    *Preventing damage from short circuits or overcurrent
    *Preventing damage from overvoltage in a regulated circuit
    *Putting it all together for a robust robot power supply
    Ch 9: Driving Miss Motor
    *Why a motor driver
    *Demonstrating the four modes of a motor
    *Driving simply with a single transistor
    *Putting the NPN and PNP motor drivers together
    *The classic bipolar H-Bridge
    *Interfacing with the high side
    *Mastering motor control
    Ch 10: Driving Mister Motor
    *Driving motors with MOSFETs
    *Driving motors with Chips
    *Evaluating motor drivers
    Ch 11: Creating an Infrared Modulated Obstacle, Opponent, and Wall Detector
    *Detecting Modulated infrared with a popular module, or, another reason to hog the remote control
    *Expanding the detection circuit to include an LED indicator
    *Completing the reflector detector circuit
    Ch 12: Fine-Tuning the Reflector Detector
    *Tuning in 38 kHz
    *Limitations of the reflector detector
    *Getting ready for a practical robot application
    Ch 13: Roundabout Robot!
    *Examining Roundabout
    *Roundabout's Circuitry
    *Building Roundabout's Body
    *Summarizing Roundabout
    Ch 14: Test Driving Roundabout
    *Preparing for the test drive
    *Preparing the robot and correcting minor glitches
    *Evaluating Roundabout's performance
    *Getting Stuck
    Ch 15: If I only Had a Brain
    *Considering the Motorola KX8 Microcontroller as an example
    *Comparing a microcontroller to a logic chip
    *Programming a microcontroller
    *Exploring common microcontroller features
    *Choosing a microcontroller
    *Graduating your robot
    Ch 16: Building Roundabout's Daughterboard
    *Converting to a two-story configuration
    *Intercepting signals: meeting the new boss
    *Expanding functionality
    *Upgrading a robot
    Ch 17: Adding the Floor Sensor Module
    *Sensing brightness with photoresistors
    *Sensing brightness with a photodiode IC
    *Following a line
    *Competing in Robot Sumo!!!
    *Expanding Possibilities
    Ch 18: Cooking Up Some Robot Stew
    *Making Music
    *Scaling Up
    *Mounting Motors
    *Roaming the Solar Terrain
    *Standing in a Robot's Shoes for awhile
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    Re: Intermediate Robot Building?

    I must have [ame=""]this[/ame] book. Yesterday...

    Computational Principles of Mobile Robotics by Gregory Dudek
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