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Thread: Has anyone gotten the pypose function to run

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    Has anyone gotten the pypose function to run

    I have been trying to get the Phoenix Code to compile with the pypose/Gpplayer function.

    This is the code i am referring to.

    Just wondering if anyone has found a solution for it or if its simply a lost cause. Im new to most of this and trying to help my son out with all of it.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Has anyone gotten the pypose function to run

    Sorry, I have not tried using the Pypose stuff in a very long time and in many cases have been more likely then not to remove the code.

    Mainly as I don't know if anyone ever actually created any external poses that they actually used this code with?

    Also for which processor? My guess is Arbotix-m? If you really do have some poses you have made for it, I will see how hard it would be to get the code to run again. One problem was that the Arbotix-m is limited in memory so had feeling to remove... Will take a look

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    Re: Has anyone gotten the pypose function to run

    We made a few test poses with PyPose, which took me 2 days to get running. I had to create a dual boot to Linux because blah blah blah blah blah, but it now currently functions and is extremely fun to play with. I stopped messing with it once I figured out that I wasn't able to compile it.

    Yes I am currently using the Arbotix-m but I also have a teensy 3.6 arduino megas but again I have not figured out how to get the phoenix code to work on them. Is there a board that you recommend to use?? My biggest issue would be figuring out what pins go to the xbee.

    Phoenix code is amazing and fun to play with. You did a great job putting everything needed into one place. Once I figure out how to make more adjustments to the hexapod I am sure things will really take off. Thanks

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