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Thread: Actuators blinking RED upon boot

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    Question Actuators blinking RED upon boot


    I haven't used HR-OS1 for a few months and once I got back to it, when I turn on the power most of actuators blink RED and robot no longer fixes its position. I am wondering how to debug what is going on? I guess by leaving it without any movement for a while something has changed in actuators or maybe some contacts got dirty. I also made sure LiPo was fully charged.

    How would you try to diagnose the issue?


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    Re: Actuators blinking RED upon boot


    Not sure what you are saying.

    If you say when you turn the power on the servos blink once? If so that is normal for these servos.

    As for not holding position. Warning it has been a couple/few years since I touched mine, so I don't remember much...

    Might help if there was additional information, like what processor are you using? Edison, RPI, or other.
    What program you ran to get it to hold it's position and if it showed any output information.

    You might also want to run the dxl_monitor program and see if it can talk to your servos...

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