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Thread: Motor model for XM430-W350-R

  1. Motor model for XM430-W350-R

    Hello all,

    Hoes anyone figured out the motor contained in the XM40-W350-R? Is it a Maxon RE-max series motor like the MX-28? (I am trying to build a mathematical motor model and i look for the motor parameters)

    Best regards

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    Re: Motor model for XM430-W350-R

    The XM series uses some cheaper motor. The XH series uses Maxxon motors, hence the higher cost (and, unfortunately, lower rated performance!)

  3. Re: Motor model for XM430-W350-R

    Thank you for your response! Do you know if it is a brushed or brushless motor?

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    Re: Motor model for XM430-W350-R

    I believe it is a coreless brushed motor.

  5. Re: Motor model for XM430-W350-R

    To answer myself, per my calculations/experiments:


    Values are in S.I. Take them with a grain of salt.

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