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Thread: Which to choose to start???

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    LiTTle Guest

    Which to choose to start???

    hi everyone,

    i'm new in this site and i want a little help.
    i develop software in java for sensors' hardware but never for some kind of robotics.
    i want to buy a humanoid robot and a track robot for start.
    i want a cheap solution because i want to see if i have the patience to deal with it.
    can you advise me?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Which to choose to start???

    Hail and well met liTTle,

    Cheap and ROBOT (humaniod) belong together like oil and water. You can get set up with a very nice track bot here for a reasonable price but if you are ever going to tinker with your humaniod you'll want to get a kit that is fairly robust.

    It looks like Trossen is releasing a korean set that might be fun though. Sometime you can find a comprehensive Biliod on E-Bay for a deal if your willing to play with seconds...


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