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Thread: Connecting a +- powersupply to an OpenCM9.04 Board

  1. Connecting a +- powersupply to an OpenCM9.04 Board


    I have one relatively simple question:
    What is the best way to connect an external power supply (12v adapter with one +/ one - pin) to a OpenCM9.04 Board?

    On the one hand, there are the two sockets for the batteries, can those be used with an adaptor as well?
    On the other hand, there are the standard ++-- pins?

    In both cases there are 4 pins - how do I neet to connect my 2 pins to that (+/-), in order to not damage the board or motors (Dynamixel AX-12A)?
    And do I need to user the power switch?


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    Re: Connecting a +- powersupply to an OpenCM9.04 Board

    I am guessing, that you asked this as part of Robotis Forum:

    Summary for external Lipo or wall wart they ( suggest using the ++-- pins on the longer side of the board. They show connecting up to both sets of pins.

    Or they show using the location where the two 2 pin power connectors are that you can plug in a Robotis power pack, where you connect to the two outside pins (two farthest apart). The bottom of the board shows a + and - where to connect. Note: the two inner pins are tied to each other such that when you plug in the two connectors the batteries are connected in the batteries are put in series to get higher voltage

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    Re: Connecting a +- powersupply to an OpenCM9.04 Board

    When I measured, it seemed like the battery connectors and the ++-- pins were electrically connected, and thus you can choose the one that fits better for the connectors you have.
    Note that the rated power (in amps) for the header pins is slightly higher than for the connectors.
    Also note that, for lots of servos or big servos, you like you want to inject power on the Dynmixel bus using a bus hub, rather than go through the OpenCM board, because the OpenCB board has a limited current path on the board.
    Power on the Dynamixel bus will back-power the OpenCM board just fine, you don't need to explicitly hook up to its power-in connectors, beause the DXL bus power/ground are also connected to ++-- and battery connectors.

    So, recommendation: Use a Dynamixel Hub of some sort, and inject power there. Either use a hub with a power connector on it, or clip-and-strip a DXL wire and put power in through the center/ground wires on that.

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