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Thread: Dynamixel 2.0 feature!

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    Dynamixel 2.0 feature!

    Spotted this new feature in the MX-64 firmware:

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    Re: Dynamixel 2.0 feature!

    Nice catch, It is also in the new XL series Servos:
    After firmware version 38...

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    Re: Dynamixel 2.0 feature!

    Ok stupid question, what is Bus Watchdog.

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    Re: Dynamixel 2.0 feature!

    According to the bookmark above:
    Bus Watchdog (98, Available after Firmware version 38)
    Bus Watchdog (98) is a safety device (Fail-safe) that stops the Dynamixel if the communication between the controller and Dynamixel communication (RS485, TTL) is disconnected due to an unspecified error.
    Communication is defined as all the Instruction Packet in the Dynamixel Protocol.
    Deactivate Bus Watchdog Function, Clear Bus Watchdog Erro
    1 ~ 127
    Activate Bus Watchdog
    Bus Watchdog Error Status

    The Bus Watchdog function monitors the communication interval (time) between the controller and Dynamixel when Torque Enable (64) is '1'.
    If the measured communication interval (time) is larger than Bus Watchdog (98), the Dynamixel will be stopped. Bus Watchdog (98) will be changed to '-1' (Bus Watchdog Error).
    If the Bus Watchdog Error screen appears, the Goal Value (Goal PWM(100), Goal Current(102), Goal Velocity(104), Goal Position(116)) will be changed to read-only property.
    Therefore, when a new value is written to the Goal Value, a Range Error will be returned via the Status packet.
    If the value of Bus Watchdog (98) is changed to '0', Bus Watchdog Error will be cleared.

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